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2013/05/13 MDS Manager 2012 Build 1.0.4881.32625
Minor fixes:
solution in .net framework 4.0 Full Profile
resolved some project references issues
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2013/05/13 MDS Manager 2012 Build 1.0.4881.32625
minor fixes:
solution in .net framework 4.0 Full Profile
resolved some project references issues


2013-02-21 MDS Manager 2012 Beta Release


update 2011-10-19 version

added a binding type switch in configuration manager :

BasicHttpBinding , or



update 2011-10-14 version 1.0.7

connection class completely refactored
no need to restart the app so as to change endpoint
a lot of new features
executable available free
(source code not included in this version)

version 1.0.7 release notes
please extract the zip content in a new folder
(the tool will save a configuration file in this folder)

when running the app for the first time, you will have to create a MDS connection config (just fill in the textboxes in the connection manager and click save)
then in the main form, you can click on "connect" button and enjoy!

update 2011-09-21 Version 1.0.6

cross model entity copy

- cross model business rules copy / import /Export

- some UI changes

update 2011-05-30 v1.0.5
- many bug fixes
- improved speed to load data (10 times faster) (by customizing "GetMetaData" results info)
- buttons to copy entities / attributes / members /business rules list to clipboard
- business rules manager
- publish all your business rules in one click (useful when you deploy a model, because business rules are not published by default)
- copy business rules to another model (work in progress)
- entity manager
- copy entities to another model (work in progress)

Update 2011-03-11
bug fix on password read when configuration.config file does not exist yet
added for members filtering :
- similary level values edit
- searchterm edit (LIKE, ...)
- right click context menu on Members List to
- delete checked (and filtered or not) members
- check all members
- uncheck all members

Update 2011-03-10
added two test buttons for illustrating my blog article for API bulk Data insert on

Update 2011-03-07
bug fixes
added external configuration File
added TreeView Display of model (still in dev)

added Connection Parameters (username, domain, password, stored encrypted in configuration file)

Update 2011-01-22

new button to copy version
new button to validate displayed member (with business rules)
member validation status display box
bug fixes
note: the button "Delete all members from all entities" is still in developement:

I'm currently working on a way to delete all members by respecting a specific order for deletion, needed because of domain based attributes constraints.

Nevertheless , you can find the current C# code for this button click in comments, in the applications sources included in ZIP file

Update 2011-01-18

- bug fixes
- added directory browser for saving and loading subscription views
- working progress bar

Update (2010-10-10)
UI updated
migration on VS2010
various fixes and updates

Update (2010-10-01)
- new filter member with "LIKE" expression on code or name

- new : Export Model Diagram:

this feature allow you to export each entity as a separate table in a new dynamicaly generated Database and Generate FK relationships between each entity (domain based attributes)

After that, you can create a dbml diagram (linq to SQL) in order to view your model with a diagram.

Update 2010-09-28
- You can now update member Name (working)
- You can also delete all members from a specific entity (new delete button in the bottom right)
- added a refresh button for Models
- You just have one reference to change in order to make the project work :
webservice reference : http://yourMDSServer/Service/Service.svc in App.Config

older version : 2010-08-19

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