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Pre requisites

Microsoft Master Data Services installed.

At least two instances are required to use export and import of users, groups and privileges.


please extract the zip content in a new folder
(the tool will save a configuration file in this folder)
Recommended: Run as administrator

When running the app for the first time, you will have to create a MDS connection config (just fill in the textboxes in the connection manager and click save)
then in the main form, you can click on "connect" button and enjoy!

Summary of changes

Update 2013-06-21: updated Model diagram manager, added documentation page :

Update 2011-03-07 :*
bug fixes
added external configuration File : configuration.config
added TreeView Display of model (still in dev)

added Connection Parameters (username, domain, password, stored encrypted in configuration file)

new version:
- You can now update member Name (working)
- You can also delete all members from a specific entity (new delete button in the bottom right)
- added a refresh button for Models
note: when you export subscription views, they 're saved in C:\

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